Wednesday, November 14, 2012 host an evening

...out for a few ladies in the battalion

In order to keep things simple and festive for the fall season, my friend and I decided soup would be our main course.  We knew the crowd was going to be rather small so we chose to provide only two soups, a salad, bread, and dessert.

Jolene made a delicious focaccia bread to complement our meal as well as an amazing Italian sausage soup.  She also made an outstanding pumpkin roll that reminded me of my dear, sweet Aunt Lena.  Aunt Lena always made the most delicious pumpkin roll every Thanksgiving.  (Well that is how I remember it in my head anyway...I suppose it could just as likely have been Easter or maybe even Memorial Day.  But Thanksgiving is I am certain this is the holiday Aunt Lena made her pumpkin roll.  But help me out Viele family...Didn't she serve it with whipping cream and Hershey's chocolate sauce?)

I made a potato soup and a fall-esque salad I concocted from pears, romaine, goat cheese, walnuts and red onion.  I made a dressing with maple syrup and apple-cider vinegar.  I am not sure if the salad was well received or not but those are all of my personal favorite salad ingredients and I would definitely make it again.

I added a few fallish drinks to complement our theme:  Mulled cider that I found here and Pumpkin Lattes reminiscent of Starbucks here.

mulled cider
pumpkin lattes
Finally, as a little token for our guests to take home...some pumpkin truffles.

burlap and baker's twine...cozy.  

Next preparation.

I am not quite ready for the end of fall and pumpkin flavored foods so  I sense some pumpkin scones will be on our Thanksgiving weekend menu...


  1. Looks beautiful!! And considering you've had a sick house lately, I think you did a fabulous job. Incidentally, those are all of my favorite salad ingredients so I would've loved it!! Love all the burlap... super cute! I may even surprise my knuckle-head boys and do that for our family Thanksgiving dinner. Festive and pretty too!

  2. I think Aunt Lena made a few different types of cream rolls. One was definitely chocolate served with Hershey's syrup. Maybe chocolate was Christmas and pumpkin was Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh, you know what I had for dinner? F*&ing Cambells soup and water! And you know how I'm "cooking" Thanksgiving dinner this year? I'm not! I'm having it catered. So I don't want to read you're blog about how you made pumpkin truffles from here, or how you traded coffee with Brazilian exchange students (fairly of course), or picked flowers from the local meadow. Martha Stewart called and said you disgust her.