Tuesday, November 27, 2012

...to celebrate 5

...years....for Abbey!

To think that our #3 is already five makes me a little sad.  

However, you can see that she is ecstatic!

She has been waiting for the day of November 27th to come... FOREVER!

For the last week, she has wanted us all to 'practice' singing Happy Birthday to her.  Each morning she wakes us and declares that she gets to pick what everyone eats for breakfast, well...all because her 'birthday is coming up!"

And finally, today...she was so excited all day about her rainbow birthday party!

We invited four friends over for an hour and a half of coloring, painting, tie-dyeing, and fuse-beading.

My goal was to keep it simple.  I served a several fruits (a rainbow of colors) and fruit dip (clouds) and rainbow cupcakes.

And what party isn't complete without a game?  We played her very favorite...duck-duck-goose.

As you can see all of the big kids came home from school in time to enjoy the end of the party festivities.

She had such a fun time with her friends.

After dinner at her favorite restaurant (Cici's pizza) we came back home to open the rest of her gifts.  She was showered with fun art projects, toys, and games from her friends and our family.

It was so sweet to see how genuinely excited she was about each item she received.  Even later in the evening as she opened the things that Mark and I got her, she stopped after each present and said thank you to Mark and I each time.  

Her gratefulness melted my heart.

I just love that little one of mine.  

I can see five is going to be a great year for her!

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