Wednesday, November 7, 2012 learn if lightening really can strike twice

...since I feel like it has struck our family again.

Turns out it is a proverb...Prov. The same highly unlikely thing never happens to the same person twice.

Abbey has another virus.  It looks like it is Influenza type A.  Again.  This is according to the doctor's report.  He noted they are seeing this virus repeat itself in some patients this season.

I had thought that wasn't possible.  Apparently it is this year.  With this virus.

Lucky us.

Or...he said she could have mono.

What poison would you choose for your kid?  I was personally hoping for a case of strep.  At least if strep was the cause of her ridiculous fevers I could grab an antibiotic for her and we would be on our way...and she would feel better in 24 hours.

Ahhh...but my hopes could not have been more crushed.

Since sure enough four days after Abbey showed signs of some tortuous virus, Audrey followed suit.

Same fever.  Same symptoms.  Same sleepless night last night.

Lucky us.

And guess what?

Will came home from school this are right.

Lucky us.

Same fever.  Same symptoms.

I guess lightening really does strike twice.

Meanwhile, the kids and I are spending plenty of quality time together.  We have played many games, read some books, and they have spent some time 'working' next to me.

As for me, I am hanging in there.  Thankful for good friends that take care of my responsibilities for me (Amy and the book fair this week) and family for sending a pick-me-up when I needed it (thanks Mom & Richard).

Just a little side no heed to the crazy lady you see creeping on your neighbor's roof this evening.

That would only be me, stringing a dozen keys along their roof.


  1. Oh no.... yuck. Well, wanna know what I always think? I know it's crazy but.... at least with all 4 kids getting 'it,' you don't have to worry about it being something bigger than just a virus. Even though it's crummy when a bug hits everyone, at least you can feel confident that it'll pass (soon, hopefully!). I'm sorry everyone is sick again. And I'm sorry you had another sleepless night... those are the worst. :( XOXO

  2. I think it's running in the family....though I suppose we're lucky we only have two kids. Hang in there. Love you.