Tuesday, May 22, 2012

...to chase the ice cream truck!

...for the first ice cream of the season.

When I say the kids have been waiting for this day...

They really have been WAITING!

At the slightest jingle of bells they'll run outside.  Hoping it is the nice-icecream-truck-jingle-guy.

And finally, today he was here.

I didn't have the heart to tell them that dinner was almost ready.

Surely this won't spoil dinner will it?

Brr!  Chills run down my spine just looking at this photo of her sinking her teeth into that icee!


I love that Will is trying to 'help' Abbey open her mouth by demonstrating and extra-wide 'ahhh'.


Everyone sharing.

Must be the first time of the season.


  1. i love Isabella's pic! :) Oh - and since when does the ice cream man bring such a huge thing of ice cream like the one Will is eating?!?!?!? I starting to salivate! haha!

  2. The ice-cream truck man never brought real ice cream much less sundaes when I was a kid! Delicious.