Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

...because who doesn't love those yummy things!


Mark especially loves my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  And he especially loves them warm.

Thus, I have taken to making my usual double batch...and freezing them as cookie dough balls.

Yes.  There are two missing.  Apparently we have mice that invade our freezer.  They love frozen cookie dough!

After a half hour or so I put them all in a baggie.  To be cooked in an emergency!

Then when the chocolate urge hits, he I just bake a few in the toaster oven for him.

The benefit to this:

The cookies last much longer because of eating say three or four at a time (because they are so good and we have no impulse control) we can take the spontaneity out of the equation and bake only as many as we should eat.

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  1. YUM! Please send me the recipe when you get a minute! :)