Sunday, May 13, 2012 celebrate my weekend

...with my whole family together.

I call it my weekend...because Friday was my birthday and Sunday was Mother's Day.

It was a great weekend for eating out, working in the flowers, and playing games with the kids.

On Saturday we did a lot of yard work.  It is hard to get started on it, but it looks sooo much better!

These are the 'after' shots of our front garden.  I wish I had taken 'before' shots.

But, like many of my projects, it wasn't really planned.  I saw one big weed, that led to me taking out another, and in a flash I had my big clippers in hand and got to chopping those bushes.

Before I started...It looked like one long bush in the front and one long one in the back.  Now if only the landscapers would work on our grass a bit!

Much better!

On Sunday I was surprised with breakfast in bed!  The kids were very excited to come wake me up with all of their gifts in hand and my breakfast on the tray.

No one needs to see the actual photos of the surprise...this is one mamma that looks r-o-u-g-h in the morning!

The kids were SO proud of all of their gifts for me!
and we went to the ball field to play baseball with the kids.  Abbey looks as if she may have a future as a slugger (she has one solid hit anyway)!

Note: The videographer has a very loud voice.  She is very sorry for this quality.

I can't think of a better way to have spent our time together.

It was a great birthday and Mother's Day weekend.

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