Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...to plan, prepare, attend...

...the end of year activities.

While life here on the blog has been quiet...I can assure you life at the Crow house has not been.

The end-of-school-year activity fairies have been busy creating activities, field trips, class picnics, field days, outdoor fun days (not to be confused with field days), and sporting banquets for us to participate in.

Multiply those things times four.

Meanwhile, I have been day-dreaming about the start of summer vacation.  I have been creating chore-lists, activity lists, and project lists.  It's going to be so lovely and relaxing...drinking coffee, catching up, and my house is going to be so tidy.

I also have visions of preparing farm fresh veggies and fruits for dinner al fresco, riding our bikes to the local pool, picnics at the park, perusing at the Art Fair....

In the meantime, the kids are in school thru the 12th and I am in school thru the 18th.  We'll muster through the last of the homework, bring popsicles to the picnics, attend Will's 5th grade graduation ceremony, and try to fit in playdates, playground fun, and softball and baseball practices.

And I'll try to share a few Kodak moments when I get the opportunity to sit and reflect.

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