Wednesday, June 3, 2015 enjoy the beginnings

...of the end-of-the-year madness

One of the benefits that I have had working part-time this year is that I can swap my work days to do special activities with the kids.

Today I had the opportunity to go on a walking tour of Ann Arbor fields with Will's class.

We walked 7.5 miles.  All over the city.

We went to:

The Farmer's Market via
Nickel's Arcade

Our chaos through Nickel's Arcade
A science presentation

A photo from the beginning of a wonderful science presentation
The Business School
The Law Quad
The Art Museum
swinging on a sculpture at the Art Museum
Next was a soccer scrimmage.

There are two, first grade soccer teams at Burns Park.  I am the coach of one of the teams and many of Abbey's friends are on the other team.  We decided we would host a 'friendly' scrimmage in lieu of our last practice.

I was worried about this event...because Abbey was worried about this event.  The girls on my team have come a really long way.  They run after the ball.  They are more aggressive.  They take chances.  They play hard.  I try to be diligent about making sure every girls gets to play nearly every position each game.  They are awesome in my eyes.  I love watching them improve each game.  But they haven't won very many.  

And her friends' team hadn't lost a soccer game yet.  Eek.

Our team played one of their best games yet this evening.  They took chances.  Passed the ball a few times.  Ran hard.  Our goalies had several saves.  The other team played well too.  At the end of the third quarter...the score was tied.  It was shortly after 5:00, the time when our practices were supposed to be over.  So...we called the game.  

It was a tie.


I think all the girls were pretty pleased.

I can't think of a better ending for a 'friendly' scrimmage.

Except of course to finish off with a pizza party to celebrate the season.

I think she was pretty happy.

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