Monday, August 4, 2014 start to blog again

...which means it's the first evening in two weeks that I have been able to sit down with my computer in the evening.

We have moved into our first home.

The kids are over-the-moon about our place.

Mark is equally enamored.

As for me...I see lots of little projects on my horizon and I love those!!

Since we began this move two weeks ago I have been on a little hiatus from the internet world.  Slowly over the past few days I've started taking photos again, I've started posting on Instagram again, and this evening it was time to start blogging and answering emails.

I just needed a little break.


It's supposed to be a toy room.
Where's Audrey?  Extra points if you can spot her in the photo above!

And this:

We are supposed to be able to sleep here tonight.

Where did all this blankety-blank-blank stuff come from?  Who buys 14 boxes of Kleenex?  Surely the movers unpacked someone else's things on my bed?

Tomorrow I'll be focused again.

And I'll begin to share more photos of the real progress we have been making.

Soon...this place it going to feel like home.

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