Monday, August 25, 2014 share our weekend

...with the Morrow's

There is nothing more comforting than spending time with friends.  Spending time with them while on vacation is even better.  And spending time with them while on vacation at a beach house is the best.

Meghan and Sean invited our family to spend a few days of their block leave with them at her family's beach home in northern MI.  It was a perfect weekend.  The kids played beautifully.  While the adults had time to drink lots of coffee and copious amounts of wine, and sit and talk and talk.  I am not sure I can describe how refreshing the weekend was.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to help me regroup...

I'll show you my weekend of including watching, playing, and enjoying the little moments.

(Be patient...there are a lot of pictures.  These are some darn cute kids!!)


Abbey with Declan.  She held him EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE.SHE.WAS.ALLOWED.

 Paddy decide exactly which activity to do when.  Perhaps all of them at once?

Will fish.  I loved looking out on the dock and seeing his silhouette.

Isabella play on the water.  She loved this little paddle boat.

Audrey try shuffleboard.  For...about one minute.  Then she moved on.

The kids learn how to drive a boat.  They LOVED driving fast on the water!


Tennis with Abbey.  She has really taken to this sport since we moved to Ann Arbor.  She got to hone her skills while up at the cottage.

Shuffleboard with Isabella (see her way down at the other end?).  I am pretty sure we were playing wrong.  Who really knows the rules to shuffleboard anyhow?  

With this little guy.  Isn't he the sweetest?  And...Wow.  His smiles are killer.  They melt you every time.

On that paddle board with Audrey.  That is SO much harder than it looks!!

Capturing treasures, and moments, and moments to treasure:

This water fountain.  Sigh.  I loved this.  Obviously the girls did too.

Sticky faces.  Stolen glances.

Tucked flower.  Precious moment.  (P.S. He loves my grandma's 'table trick').

Old porch swing.  Sleepy little girl.

Wrinkly water clogged feet.

Blue sky.  Fluffy clouds.  Curious kid.

Weathered deck.  Brave little girl searching for her worm.

There are so many more moments.  Some on camera.  Some in my mind.  They all make me smile.

Watching.  Playing.  And enjoying the little moments together.  That little break (Can you believe it was only for two days?) made me feel better than I have since the move.  

Cheers to good friends and long-lasting friendships.

And cheers to Grandma Maloney.

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