Sunday, August 10, 2014

...a normal day

...but perhaps that's a little too much to expect after being in our home (with all of our things) for less than a week?

We did enjoy a little bit of our new normal...

1.  Coffee on the porch.
2.  Breakfast as a family at the (cleaned off) dining room table.
3.  Several walks (now four-a-day) with Timber

But we are still striving putting on the finishing touches...meaning I continue creating projects to make this space our own...

Case in point:  Mark (completely unsolicited by me) came home from the local junkyard with a pile of this wood for me ($5 for all of it)!

Huge brownie points for him!!!

A little bit of work was required....

 And now we have this...

And a several other large pieces that have been turned into stools for our fire pit and two big outdoor tables.  

I'll share more photos later...

Stay tuned.  As there are less and less big projects to attend to, I'll be more and more likely to be able to photograph the rooms' transformations.

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