Thursday, August 14, 2014 enjoy our new home

...and our new city...and our new surroundings.

But sometimes, even when we are surrounded by wonderful things in a wonderful place...

it's just hard.

It might not seem like a big deal, but tonight the three girls and I rode our bikes to the library after dinner.  (It's hard to ride 1.5 miles to return some books).  Only to find it closed.  (Hard.  Grr.  Of course it was closed.)  Poor Audrey fell off of her bicycle twice on the way back.  (Harder. Both times right in/next to the intersection.)  Bless that child's heart...she is such a champ.  She didn't even cry.

Tomorrow we'll find another branch.  (Hard.  Look up new directions, check the hours.)  and try to convince Will to go with us while Mark is at school tomorrow.  (Hardest.  That child is a homebody).

I certainly can appreciate all the perks we have had for this move:
1.  Close to family.
2.  Close to Mark's office.
3.  Close to the kids' schools.
4.  Walking/bike riding distance to most everything we need...
5.  Did I mention how nice it will be to be close to our families?

But there are so many things I am missing from our military life...

1.  Meghan.
2.  Amy
3.  The freedom my children had to wander around the neighborhood (and their friends).
4.  A backyard to let Timber out.
5.  Parking in the driveway.  Oh...yes...and driving everywhere we needed to go!
6.  My job.
7.  The ice cream man.  (Friends at FD can you believe I even said that?)
8.  My familiar running routes.
9.  My routine.
10.  Did I mention how much I miss my friends?

I know Ann Arbor will be as hard to leave (Mark says maybe even harder?) as Fort Drum was.  And I know in just a year we will love it here.  I am sure we'll have a new routine, a few new friends, and living near family will be even more appreciated...

but in the meantime there might be days when the kids' and I might feel sad and stressed about learning to live this new and yes somewhat exciting life here in Ann Arbor....

and that's okay too.

Tomorrow will be better.

And perhaps if we are lucky...a little less hard.

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  1. I feel for you...Im in the SAME BOAT (but in different oceans)...wish we were closer. Sorry you're dealing with this! Miss you!