Wednesday, July 2, 2014 structure our summer

...for the kids who've been having a free-for-all.

Summer's off to a great start.

Warm Days.  Cool Evenings.  Popsicles.  Water Balloons.   Bike rides.  Video Games.  Television.  Friends.

Along with the advantages of summer Mark and I began to notice the...downsides if you will.

Sunburns.  Mosquitos.  Sticky sidewalks and ice pop wrappers in the bushes.  Pieces of water balloons scattered everywhere and mud puddles in the front yard.  Skinned Knees.  Blood shot eyes.  Cranky Children.

After a few days of doing whatever-it-is-you-want-as-long-as-you-don't-bother-me, Mark and I decided to implement a few rules before things really got out of control.

In case you were wondering, our children will NOT be nominating either of us for parent-of-the-year awards.

Here is our note to our children:

Reading.  You must read for at least thirty minutes every day.  A real book.  With words....not just cartoon drawings.  And be able to talk coherently about it when I ask you what you read.
Note to Will:  Tell me about a new chapter each day.

Math.  You must work on some math/problem solving type activity each day.  There are plenty of fun computer game-ish sites available that your teachers introduced you to.  Work on workbooks.  Play on the websites.  Pick your poison.  This requirement is prevent your brain from turning to mush.

Music.  You have to practice.  Every day.  Before you go outside to play.  (Do you like my rhyme Isabella?)

All those piano and guitar lessons are good only if you don't forget everything you learned over the year.

Chores.  Your chores must be done before you go outside/play video games/get on the computer/do a preject...each day.  You have chores to do because you have a big family you are part of our family.  The kids that don't have chores...they are luckier than you.  And their parents are nicer.

Screen Time.  Two hours.  On the condition that you complete all of the above activities.  Screen time includes:  TV, computer, iPad, iPhone, Kinde Fire, Netflix, XBox1, etc...

Brace yourselves....It also includes time spent on screens at your friends' houses.

If you want more screen time, you'll need to earn it.

Will:  Read more.
Isabella:  Spend more time outside.
A & A:  Give mommy a hug and bat your long eyelashes.


  1. I can see why Isabella like this post!

  2. Wow, my boys would run away from home if I came at them with your long lists. haha! Maybe I'll try it. ;) Good luck implementing!