Friday, July 11, 2014 celebrate 16 years...

...of wedded bliss.

A cup of coffee.

A run.

A nice breakfast.

More coffee.

And all that before our children even woke up!

Our 16th anniversary started out perfect.

Then, the day got even better...

An afternoon at the beach...(with Amy + 11 kids)


Well...maybe not.

But I love the crazy, and love even more that Mark tolerates it for/with me.

Then, the day had even the. very. bestest. ending...

Our godson was born just before dinner!

Meghan and Sean are the proud parents of Declan Maloney...and we couldn't be happier for them.  

So happy Sean made it home in time, so happy Meghan and the baby are healthy, and so happy we were still here to share this day with them.

Mark and I are so lucky.

Lucky to have each other and to be building this crazy life together with these four kids...

Happy 16th to us!  I can't wait to see what's next...


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