Tuesday, July 15, 2014

...to enjoy the last day

...with the Amy and the LaCrow kids (as they were dubbed by the staff at Augustinian).

What a day we had!

Lunch at Panera.

A trip to the Thompson Park Zoo.

And an evening dinner together.

A day gathering a few more memories of this crew spending time together.

They've sure grown up together over these past three years.  They've endured car pools and wine nights, sleepovers and swimming time, ice cream parlor trips and zoo adventures, and of course deployments. 

Can you believe how small they once were?  

Drive-In Movie
Soccer game
Isabella's birthday party
They sure have grown.

So.  Big.

Over the years we have had many fun adventures...

White water rafting 
But what sticks in my mind most are the simple times.  The soccer games.  Pedicures.  The sitting on the bench at the park.  Our weekly lunch dates.  The morning scheduling debriefs (e.g., Who's driving where?  Where are we meeting for lunch? etc...) at the bus-stop.  Wine nights.  

I am going to miss these every day things the most.

Our last 'fun day' at Fort Drum was memorable.

It was so great to see the kids get so excited about little things today...

Feeding time for the rattlesnakes
An impromptu zoology class...

And slurpees...

We all enjoyed a great day together.

While it breaks my heart these two won't be in class together next year...

And that Amy won't be around to cuddle with my little girls...

And it is just. so. hard. to say goodbye...

I know these two families have a very special lifelong bond.  I love you all.  And I'll miss you so.


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  2. Love all these pictures! Can't believe how much kids have grown!!! Your friendship will certainly ensure the distance. What a special bond!