Monday, July 14, 2014 begin to tie up

...loose ends.

10 more days.

The closets are cleaned out.

I think I am in denial.

The toys have been donated.

It's hard to believe our time here at Fort Drum is nearly over.

The food in the freezer is nearly all gone.

I have lists.  I have sub lists.  I have things in my mind that I haven't written down to do.  I have checked one or two things off each day.

I have even finished both of my library card catalogs.

But I am most definitely procrastinating...

I've been baking though!  Cookies...cakes...

Maybe if I don't check all things off of my list we won't have to leave?

Every now and then I'll look around and just begin to tackle a new task.  This afternoon, after I finished work, I took down all the curtains in the living room.

To me this task especially final.

It's not that I am not excited about moving back to Michigan for a few years.  I am looking forward to setting up our first home and living close to our families...

It's just...hard to leave.  It's hard to leave this cozy home of ours.  It's hard to leave this neighborhood.   It's hard to quit my job.  It's hard to leave Meghan.  It's hard to leave Amy.  It's hard to bear the thought of my kids leaving behind their friends.  It's hard to think of their friends not having my kids to play with.

Did I mention it is hard to say goodbye?

Instead, I'll try not to think about it.

I'll think of happy watching these two scoot around together on a beautiful evening after dinner.

Think of me and my weepy self this next week & a few days...please send lots of happy thoughts my way.


  1. Awww, I HAVE been thinking so much about you. I can only imagine how painful this particular move will be… for the kids, for you and Meghan and Amy. And that baby!!! Whose idea was it to have Declan so close to your departure, anyway?? That cute baby would be reason enough for me to picket the move altogether. :) Seriously, though, I'll be thinking of you and hoping the transition is smoother than you're imagining. xo

  2. I'm absolutely in denial. Trying to focus on how lucky we have been, and how glad I am that you'll be in Michigan!!