Wednesday, October 23, 2013 check in.

...I'm not gonna lie...

...things have been a little rough around here....for me in particular.

I have always been one to wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I am not very good at hiding my feelings.  Perhaps its my giant eyes?  Or maybe my pouty lips?

I try not to hide all my tears.  (Mostly because I can't.) But also because I think it is good for the kids to know it is OK to be sad.  It is sad that their dad is leaving for a really long time.  And it's better to share these emotions with others.

This past weekend, I was all tears.  I cried when I watched Audrey take Mark's hand.  I cried when I watched Will play catch with Mark.  I cried when we were enjoying our morning coffee.  I cried at the park.  I cried when I watched him tuck the kids into bed.  I could go on...but you get the picture.

You see...these are so many things I will miss.  Having him here.  His presence.  I love watching him interact with our kids.  He is a great Dad.  I cried because he'll miss them, he'll miss us, just as much.  Our kids are fun to be around.  They say funny things.  They have incredible ideas.  And they have cranky, sassy moments that only parents can joke about and love, with one another.

I am happy to say the kids are handling this newest transition on our horizon much better than I am.  To them, these have been the best weeks ever.  Mark's been off.  We've been on vacation together as a family.  They been treated to soda, and candy, and desserts!  And this week, though they are back in school, he's been home by the time they get back from school.


I love that our children live within the moment.

They don't anticipate the negative.

They just enjoy their experiences without caveats.

They'll remember these next few days with a lot of joy....

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