Wednesday, October 30, 2013 keep myself honest

...If I write it down, then I have to check it off.

A deployment is a little bit like New Years.  Certainly not the celebratory part...but in the sense that it's a time where a whole new routine is developed.  It's a new start of sorts.

A month ago if I was talking about going out to eat less...I would reply: "After Mark leaves".
Or if I mentioned I was going to clean out my closet, my response was: "After Mark leaves".

Or if I said bed time was going to be strict...oh, yea.  Definitely not my strength.  Bed time is rather loose around here while Mark is away.

Well...Mark has left.

There is a lot to be done while Mark is away.  More than laundry, and homework, and making sure to get the oil changed in the vehicles....I have several personal goals that I would like to accomplish while Mark is away.

1.  Kiss our children after they are asleep each night.  Before I go to bed.

I do tuck our children into bed each evening.  Afterward, I head downstairs and work on my computer for a few hours before dragging myself to bed...which happens to be in the exact opposite direction of going back upstairs.  My too-tired-to-think head says that there are too many children to kiss goodnight and there are certainly too many steps to climb.  My heart says, sleeping children are so sweet, and I am capturing these moments for myself because Mark can't.

2.  Be Healthier.

This is exactly like my New Year's goal.  The one I was working on this earlier in the year.  Right?  While I always have the best of intentions, my behaviors these last few weeks aren't exactly health conscious.  Unfortunately, the last I checked consuming copious amounts of wine, desserts, and heavy foods aren't exactly listed as "Do's" in Fitness Magazine.

I am going to drink more water, drink less coffee, plan our meals, and eat out no more than one time per week.

Seems like a big list?  Perhaps I need to give these their own number.

3.  Run a Race.

This goes along with my 'be healthier goal'.  I have already committed to a Turkey Trot in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day.

And going well.  I am already up to 4.5 miles.  Slow.  For Sure.  But I am not trying to break any records.

4.  Complete my card catalog.

I love this little gem.  Zero progress has been made on it.  The poor thing has been demoted to a corner in my garage (to make room for my is already very cold up here in the north).  When I get to it...and finish is going to be awesome.

5.  Read.

I love to read.
I read to the little girls every night.  Dora, Pinkalicious, and Barbie books are fascinating.
I read with the big kids.  The Hunger Games is a fantastic trilogy (but I have already read it) and am nearly done reading it to them.
I read the news, and blogs, and cookbooks, and even girl scout manuals.  Page turners!

During this deployment my goal is to read at least three books.  One type of self-improvement book, one non-fiction book, and one bestseller.


I thought I would start with a small number of things to work on.  I can always add to my list later.

These are just a few of the things I would like to accomplish while Mark is away.

Easy right?  For sure.

One man down?  Weak excuse.

I think I can attitude...half the battle.

No worries.  I got this.

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