Thursday, June 20, 2013 watch Will pitch

...his very first inning!

Warning this post probably will come across as a big 'braggy'.  I apologize.  

I am just a proud mom who had so much fun watching her little guy do something he LOVES so well for the very first time.

I do try very hard to teach my kids to be very humble.  At the same time they can also be proud of their accomplishments especially when it is because of both dedication and hard work.

William loves baseball.

William loves baseball even more when his Dad is home and we watch it on TV each evening.  But even when Mark is away William devotes hours throwing balls at his nets.  

This spring hasn't been the best of seasons to play his beloved sport.  In fact, the last two weeks of baseball have been completely rained out.

But let me tell you, when we have been able to get to practice, Will has played as hard as he can the entire time he is there.

An important part of this story is that William plays in a league that uses pitching machines.  In the two years he has been playing I have never seen them have a player pitch.

This evening was his last game of the season.  And...out-of-the-blue his coach decided that Will was 
going to pitch!

The photos show the rest of the story...

Will's coach is telling him that he is going to pitch for this inning:

One of the guys that runs the program is helping him to get set:

He threw a few pitches at 40 feet....

...then they backed him up to the mound at 45 feet.  This is where the 12-year-old kids pitch from.

They decided he was ready.

And he pitched.  The whole inning.

Here is a photo sequence that I took:

They didn't call strikes versus balls.  A couple of kids hit the ball...and a couple of kids struck out.   No matter.  It was a fun way to end your season!

You looked great out there little man!

I know your Dad would have loved to watch you do this.

And I know he can't wait to hear all about it from you.


  1. Brings tears to my and Grandpas eyes! So many memories! Way to go Will!

  2. That is awesome! Way to go Will! I can't wait to show this to John!

  3. Congratulations, Will!!!! That is AWESOME!!

  4. Proud of you Will! Great pics mom.

  5. So cool! Love the pics. Wish I could have been there too.