Monday, June 10, 2013 say farewell to the old...

...and welcome the new.

My apologies for the blurred photos.  The kids were in motion all day.  Jumping, building, playing on the cushions for the last time.  It's impossible to get a good photo of them in motion.

I wish I had taken the time to grab my big camera; they really did have a lot of fun.

I'm a little sad they won't be able to build their "mouse-houses" (as they have called them since they were little).  

But not really sad...these cushions are stuck (at least the top ones are; and the bottom ones have velcro).  That was a requirement of Mark's while we were searching for couches.

After twelve hours there is still has not been a single jump, flip over the back, spill, ink mark or even piece of dog hair on them.

Any gamblers reading this?  

I give it the week.


  1. Beautiful!! Our leather couch and chair have held up remarkably well. I think one of the BEST qualities of leather is that even when it gets marks or scratches, it just looks "distressed," not necessarily dirty (like fabric can). I hope it stays that pretty for years to come!! Or at least until Mark returns. :)

  2. The look really good. Keep sharp objects away...from the couch that is.