Wednesday, June 12, 2013 enjoy Will's soccer game

...after a long day's work.

This was one of those days that when its evening, and time for reflection, you wonder "Where did it go wrong?"

1.  Perhaps it was the text that woke me up at 0435 from our nanny letting me know that she wasn't feeling well and couldn't work today?

-Note to Nanny:  While I am so thankful for the heads up, perhaps 0630 is a better time to tell me?

2.  Perhaps it was the fact that I couldn't go back to sleep after said text?

-Note to self:  Close shades.  And also, at 0230 when child #3 comes down, it is better to send her back to bed.  Because, when I acquiesce and allow her to share my space...she in fact takes it over.  The entire queen bed was consumed by my 5 year old.  How is this possible???

3.  Maybe it was in the middle of my day, the moment when I told #4 that I could not in fact help her find the particular leotard she was looking the exact moment she needed it?

In my defense, I was working with a patient at that exact moment.

-Note to self:  When the little Queen threatens to streak through one of my therapy sessions...she will actually do this.

4.  Perhaps it was the fact Audrey had been really good all day (save the streaking episode) and simply couldn't contain herself any longer?

-Note to self:  When said child has been good all day, do not expect her to continue this perfection in front of an audience....sigh.

5.  Perhaps, it was because I had finally remembered the video camera and wanted to catch a few of Will's moves on camera for Mark and the weather was perfect, yet it was actually Murphy's Law that stepped in and spoiled it all?

Whatever the reason(s) for the disastrous evening the gist is I didn't get to focus on the soccer game like I had wanted to.

My evidence:

I didn't get a single good photo the whole game!


c.r.a.z.y. - h.i.g.h.

not a single picture of Will face on this evening.

Nor any good videos:

I was interrupted nearly every time I started to video.

This one might have been fun to watch...if it had been in focus (and if he would have made the goal).

I wish I could say the evening improved after we got home and had some dinner.  I should have been forewarned by this one-sided conversation that Audrey had with me at the soccer game:
What are we walking so far for?
I do not like wearing these shoes.
I told you that.
I hate the soccer games.
I hate the hay.
I don't want the grass to get in my shoes.
I don't want to go to Will's soccer games anymore.
I told you that I don't like the grass.
I hate the sun.
My interuption:  But Audrey, it is a beautiful day today!  It is so nice to be outside.
I hate beautiful.
ooo...that girl.



  1. Days like those are so, so hard. But they're every day! Ha ha ha. I mean, seriously, we have to struggle to stay positive and focused on the big picture because the minute-to-minute meltdowns and requests and complaints and struggles and tears and laughter... well, it's like a damn funny farm! Except not always funny. ;) Wish we were still around the corner to share in it all!

  2. And PS.... Love that Audrey!! She's a pistol!! LOVE IT!

  3. "I hate beautiful."-Excerpt from TODAY I WANTED... june 12 post,Audrey Crow.

  4. That sounds like a bottle of wine type of day.