Sunday, June 2, 2013 post these videos

...for the Grandparents and for Mark to see.

Isabella and William participated in a small piano recital last week at a local senior home.

While finding a consistent practice time was difficult with our crazy schedules we finally settled on having the big kids practice in the mornings before school.

William especially tried to weasel out of his practice time but me screaming up the stairs some 'gentle reminders' helped him to stay on track each morning.

The reminders paid off.

Isabella says piano is one of her favorite extra activities of the week.

Will doesn't say much about his lessons but I enjoy listening to him.

Music to my ears!

Our little bird family also love to listen...whenever the children practice, the little birds pop their heads out of the nest.


  1. Great job Isabella and Will! You guys are super- love that you went to a senior citizens home to do this Nana would have been so proud !! So am I (:

  2. Awww..Great job guys!!! So musically inclined. Just like your mom....ahahhahahahah. Just kidding.