Sunday, April 12, 2015 try a new recipe

...since we are back on track here in MI!

We had a great week off.  Spring break was fun for the family, relaxing in the sense we had a break from all of our activities, and productive with a few projects around the house.

We are prepped and ready for the week.

Lunches are made.

Chores are done.

The kids have been read to.

And the meal plan is ready.

I even have two new recipes on the list for the week...remember I had wanted to try at least one new recipe a week?  I am playing catch up.

This one was a winner for so many reasons.

1.  Everyone loved it.
2.  It was very easy.
3.  The vegetables were delicious!  
4.  I may never overcook chicken again using this method. 

Side note: My chicken is often on the dry side if I grill it or fry it.  Mostly because I fear I am going to contaminate my offspring with salmonella.  Thus I cook and cook and cook it.  I might cook it for least five minutes per side and sometimes I would even flip the chicken twice.  I can't believe I didn't know how to make chicken this way.  In a way it is similar to how I cook beef...the meat keeps cooking from its own heat after I take it out of the oven.

The kids are so happy.  New recipe day wasn't a disaster!

Mark is so happy.  He says these are his new favorite fajitas.

Me...I am not as happy.  I had leftovers on our menu for Thursday.  

There are no leftovers.

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