Monday, April 27, 2015 get some photos from our weekend

...but our schedule was a little over the top.

*Five soccer games
*A baseball practice
*A bowling birthday party for all the kids and Mom
*Soccer practice for Isabella
*And a half-marathon for Mark

I forgot to take photos.  Actually I forgot to even grab my camera.

I did however, remember to feed the children and get each of them to each of their respective events.  That counts for something right?

These are a few moments I captured with my phone.

Mark went to stay at our friends' house in Toledo on Saturday evening and the girl's and I enjoyed a girl's night.  Movie.  Popcorn.  And selfie to commemorate the evening.

Sunday morning we were getting ready for the birthday-party-soccer-games-events.  And Audrey came down ready with barely a reminder to get ready.

Well, that girl certainly has her own sense of style.  Her leopard long-sleeved (the only requirement I mentioned to her because it was freezing outside) shirt is actually a long-sleeved dress complimented by bright pink sweatpants.  

I think her teammates were able to locate her.

My bowling dates.

Isabella disguised as a GIANT Oriole.

Next weekend I'll be sure to remember my camera.

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  1. WOW! I hope you managed to sneak a nap in. That's a serious weekend schedule! Looks like it was fun though. Miss you all~ Beth