Tuesday, April 21, 2015

...to enjoy a concert performance

...was it really a few days ago already?

Will had his first guitar recital this past weekend.

He told Mark that his stomach was 'doing back flips'.  He was concentrating so hard during his warm-up.

Will had his personal posse at the event.  They were engaged...in coloring.

Will is pictured here with his guitar teacher Dave Buehrer.  He is such a patient teacher and clearly loves what he is doing.

Will played two songs.  He played the Star Spangled Banner and Cheatin' Heart.  Dave played the chords while Will played the melody.

Don't mind the videography skills...the videographer forgot her tripod.

I'm not sure I could get up in front of a crowd of people...but I sure am proud of the dedication that Will displayed.

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