Monday, February 16, 2015 tidy and clean

...and contemplate new ideas

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of February.  Six weeks have passed in 2015 and I never had the opportunity to farewell 2014.

I haven't yet made any New Year's resolutions.  I didn't have any profound reflections of 2014 to share.

There are moments of some days where I am overwhelmed by all that has happened with Abbey.  Other moments when I am overwhelmed by so many of the things 'I should have done/thought about/tried'.

These past several weeks have passed so quickly.  We've spent so much time at the hospital, at doctor's offices, and at therapy appointments.  Mostly we are so thankful that Abbey is doing so well.

We don't often think about what could have been...but we do think about what if it happens again...

We have strict measures in place to try to keep her healthy, we have a plan for having her return to school, and we have a plan for if/when she catches another virus.  I would say we are getting a little more confident each day that she is going to stay healthy and continue to heal.

The fog is beginning to lift.

We are doing well.

Abbey is healing.  She has stopped taking a nap every day.  She is beginning to do her chores again.  She is becoming more independent.

Her siblings are getting back into their routines.  They are quarreling, tattletale-ing, and throwing each other under the bus whenever it suits them best.  This normal is so nice.

And I am finding that I my mind is beginning to contemplate projects, activities, and tasks.  I keep looking around the house and thinking thoughts like, "maybe I should just paint the scuff marks in the kitchen" and "the bathroom could use a little makeover" and "Spring is just around the corner I need to order some sod design our yard".

This normal is nice too.

Now its time to start making lists again...

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