Sunday, February 22, 2015 prepare the kids

...for going back to school.


I feel like this scenario is on repeat in my head.  But alas!  It's fo' real.

Winter break.

Not to be confused with Spring break (which is the first week in April) or even the Holiday break (which is of course a two-week period).

Winter break is a another break in the school year worked into President's Day.  However, instead of having only one day off the children get a full week.  Why of course they do!  Those poor sweet souls have been working too hard!  Why with the five snow days and Martin Luther King holiday they have almost completed one full week of school!   But...they haven't.

Instead, they were given an entire week, off of school.  Should I mention that it was the coldest week of winter so instead of skiing and sledding outdoors they spent it indoors creating blanket forts and doing art projects.  Our girls produce copious amounts of art.

We did our best to find a balance between schlepping them around town doing a few activities with them,  coaxing them off of video games letting them entertain themselves, and having them drive us crazy encouraging them to find productive, independent things to do.

I think they enjoyed their break.

And I cannot lie, I certainly do enjoy the lazier mornings, the break from the hassles of homework, and the break from extra-curricular activities.

But for-the-love-of-all-that-is-holy....they need a break from each other.

And for the record, there will be no snow-day-dance in this house this evening.  Thank goodness, my children haven't heard of this one.

I have my fingers crossed they'll return to school in the morning.  Having said that the windchill forecast (-25) is not looking so good for me...

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