Monday, February 9, 2015 quietly report we are beginning to

...find a balance...reach equilibrium...get back to normal.

1.  All the kids went to school today.  (Abbey went to school for two hours.  I then scrubbed her up, made her change her clothes, and sprayed her with Lysol...that's normal right?)
2.  Mark worked in his office all day.
3.  I began to tackle the large pile of paperwork that has been stacked since Abbey's initial hospitalization.
4.  Will had a good day in school.
5.  Isabella's new planner is coming in handy.
6.  Audrey was invited on a playdate.
7.  Abbey entertained herself for an hour.
8.  Will and Audrey were wrestling.
9.  Abbey and Audrey were arguing
8.  I made dinner...

...and there were complaints.

In some ways, I find the chatter from the peanut gallery about the 'chicken being too spicy' to be comforting.

It's nice for things to be normal.

PS:  (I did NOT spray her with Lysol although I wanted to.)

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  1. All great things! So glad life is returning to normal. XO