Monday, July 15, 2013 watch some baseball of course...'s a favorite past time for our family.  (Well most of us...)

We watch lots of Tiger's baseball.

We were lucky enough to attend three games last week!

The guys before the game in Toronto.

My guys.

My 'lil gal #1.

'Lil gal 2.
'Lil gal 3.  Isn't she her scowl sweet?
Abbey & Grandma.
After having so much fun in Toronto watching them win...we decided to head down to Cleveland to cheer them on there.

After the first Cleveland game.
Most of us enjoyed cheering the Tigers on.  Only one of us isn't a baseball fan yet.  She'll remain name-less yet is sort of pictured above.  Sigh.

However, because of our little Queen, we decided that Mark and the big kids should have a do-over on Sunday afternoon.
After the second Cleveland game.
The do-over was a huge success!

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