Tuesday, July 9, 2013

...to celebrate FOUR for #4.

...Happy Birthday 'lil queen.

You sure have grown!

July 2012
You celebrated your special day with your favorite foods:

Sausage & Gouda Souffle from Panera for breakfast.
Egg & Bacon Artisan sandwich from Starbucks for lunch.
Vanilla greek yogurt & apple juice for snack
Beef tenderloin, broccoli, and cous cous for dinner at home followed by a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and strawberries on top!

You watched your favorite shows:

Doc McStuffins
Jake and the Neverland Pirates

And you played with your favorite things:

Matchbox cars
Jake and the Neverland pirate ship

Your sister Abbey is still your favorite person in the whole-wide world.  Although you adore each of your siblings.  Although you have them wrapped around your finger.  Each of them almost always does exactly what you want them to.  Thus, how you have acquired my little nickname for you.  'Lil Queen. 

You still love to sleep with your didi (and each and every stuffed animal that you played with on that particular day!).

You do not like to sleep much (you still just don't require too much sleep...about 9 hours per day).

And you don't like things that are not familiar.

You HATE getting a drop of water or food on your clothes.  And will disrobe immediately if you get wet/dirty.
You don't like the grass to touch your feet.
And you don't particularly like to paint; because of the mess it creates.

You always get dressed right away in the morning and make your bed before you come downstairs (Can you train your siblings please?).

You love to play 'house' with your sister but you are equally happy playing with your toys by yourself.

Your smile.  It's my favorite thing about you.  Always genuine.  You aren't going to use if you don't mean it.

Fits...Wow.  You sure can throw a good one.  We can't figure you out child!  Sometimes it's the smallest detail that sets you off.  This weekend at the baseball game game...you had to share a sip of your water with your big sister.  

Stamina...Crazy.  You can stand your ground.  

I can't wait to see what year five holds for you.

Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy B-Day Queenie!
    Love, Your big sister, Isabella

  2. I love this post. Happy birthday Audrey!!!