Wednesday, July 3, 2013 share a few photos from our trip

...back to Michigan.

I said to my big kids more than once, they have had the best first-two-weeks-of-vacation EVER!

We started our trip off with a drive to Sandusky, OH to Cedar Point.  My kids had never been there and  as you can imagine they LOVED it!  Fifteen Viele's drove down to enjoy the day with us and we had a blast.

I don't have many photos that turned out (and never thought take a big group photo) but these two photos given an idea of how our day ended...

wet. cold.

The next day the big kids and I headed to see the Tigers play at Comerica Park with my mom and Richard.  It sure was hot but that didn't spoil our enthusiasm!

thes two jokers sure snagged a lot of loot!
And the fun continued with a visit from our good friends' the Moynihan's all the way from Minnesota!  We ate, played outside, and swam in the pool for two days straight.  

Yes...two of the children (who will remain nameless are still in their PJ's).

Lazy.  Days.  Of.  Summer.

The fun continued with time Shreves...

Time with the Rose's...

Time with the Viele's...

Of course we spent lots of time early in the trip with my Dad but I think this is one of the few photos I have of him...(at least it is a great shot of us all!)

We also got to spend a few days with my mom and Richard...

Time at the water park in East Lansing...

And yes, there were some simple, traditional-moments-of-summer...

time with brother

break-time from the pool
contemplating a skinny dip...yes her bum is bare.
And ice cream...

Lots and lots of ice cream.

Lots and lots of fun.

Time with family.  Time with friends.  Memories made.

I only wish, we had been able to spend more quality time with those I didn't get to (or barely got to) see at all...especially my Grandma's and the Viele's of Dimondale proper.

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