Monday, December 8, 2014 continue with

...the holiday preparations and decorations and Advent experiences.

Day 5:  Family outing to Kerrytown in Ann Arbor.

This was such a fun family outing.  The little shops were open 'til midnight, the Farmer's Market was open, there was a children's paper lantern parade, and of course Santa was milling around for the evening.

Day 6:  Cottonball fight.

This event has been postponed day-after-day.  I think this is hands-down the kids' favorite activity of the season.  Unfortunately, Mark has an injury that has incapacitated him for the past few days...and we definitely don't want to do one this without him

The accident:  Mark and Abbey were playing one-on-one basketball after Will's game this past weekend.  Mark went to dribble the ball past her, she shot her arm up to block him, and her fingers...met his eyeball.  He has a 3mm tear on his cornea (about 30% of his eye).  I have never seen someone in so much pain.  Labor seems much more preferable to the torture he has been through these past few days.  And the timing...couldn't be worse.  Mark has his first final this Friday and can't see anything.

Day 7:  Big Hero 6

A good movie by Disney.  I thought it was a little deep for the kids but they enjoyed it nonetheless.  For the record, I don't like sad Disney movies.  This one was a little reminiscent of Up.  A movie I cannot watch without inconsolably crying.

Day 8:  Write a letter to an old teacher or friend.

Surprisingly, each of the kids really enjoyed our activity for today.  Signed and sealed.

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