Wednesday, December 3, 2014 continue with the holiday preparations

...and there is only 22 days left.

Thanksgiving was a little late this year.  And Christmas is sneaking up a little too quickly.  I took the opportunity over the long holiday weekend to put up our outdoor lights and we managed to get our tree.

I think December is the kids' favorite month of the year.  We try to have a little more focused family time, we read holiday stories nearly every day, and who doesn't enjoy the pretty papers, lights, and promises of presents?

Slowly the house is coming together.  The stockings are hung, the lights are strung, the tree is decorated, and the first round of cookies have been baked.

I think the kids' favorite traditions is running to open the Advent calendar each morning to see what our 'activity' for the day is.  Looking for the Plymouth (our elf) is a close second.

December 1:  Making Christmas cookie cut-outs after school.

This activity required such concentration and so much creativity that Audrey got super hot (and super messy) and had to strip down to her tighty-whities.

I had no idea they would enjoy this activity so much and put in so much effort.  

Kudos goes to Abbey for not even taking one lick!  

(So she insists...I think this photo and evidence of her blue tongue many indicate otherwise.)

December 2nd:  Making snowflakes.

This is another family favorite each year.  And as a bonus it is a quick activity to do on an evening filled with other extra-curricular activities.  We hang them in the windows when they are done.

December 3rd:  Breakfast for dinner.

Sometimes I cheat and throw in really simple things that the kids will think are awesome.  This did not disappoint.  I even let them pick... pancakes or waffles.

Pancakes won.

December 4th:  Hot chocolate bar!  As in hot chocolate, whipped cream, and candy canes.  They'll think it's awesome and we'll be able to squeeze this in after horse back riding and before swimming.

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