Sunday, August 18, 2013 share a few projects...

...that I did while Mark was on leave...


After (a little brighter):


After (a lot more polished...and with a new seat):

I have been searching Craigslist and sifting through thrift shops for a new project.

I have a few ideas of things that I 'need'...

Patience.  Mostly.  (Because I am not willing to spend very much money.)

The right object to pop up (like a vintage card catalog that's significantly less than the $500 price tags I am seeing).

And Mark around to say things like, "Are you kidding me?"; "Where exactly are we going to put that?"; and , "For every one item that comes in three have to go out!".


  1. The rocking chair turned out great!

  2. so much prettier and cheerful! Good job!

  3. Great job!!! Way to go. And I love Mark's comments! Ah ha ha... sounds like Chris! :)