Tuesday, January 20, 2015

...to share some ordinary

...moments in our day to day

This is what I get for leaving my girls in the bathtub unattended.  Oh, Crayola, I thought you were only supposed to color the bathwater.

Never fear it washed off....by the next day.

They are sorry.  Can't you tell?

We've all admired one of Abbey's recent gifts to help cheer her spirits...our talented neighbor made this for her!

Abbey has begun to play with Audrey again for short periods of time.  We love seeing them get back into their own play routines.

Occupational therapy.  Painting with eye-droppers.  How clever!

Audrey had a birthday party at the local Hands-On Children's Museum.  And we just received a membership for Christmas (Thank you Kyle & Taylor).  Isabella (and friend Janet) and Abbey tagged along to enjoy the fun.  

In this photo Isabella is playing the UM fight song with a flip flop.  I am sure her Dad would be proud.

Abbey has surrounded herself with a bubble.  This trick never gets old I tell you.

Snow play.  We have a total of about three inches of accumulated snow over the course of this past week.  Why yes...We can handle Michigan snow.  

Having said that, poor Audrey had to enjoy the weather today all by herself.  Isabella was working on homework while Abbey and Will were inside nursing high fevers.

Only on 'sick days' can the kids enjoy television shows and iPads.  And they sure do milk it for all its worth.

"Just one more"

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